Plot Points

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This will work a bit differently to the book.

You can use your Plot Points to modify dice rolls or give advantages to your character. See page 36, where you can do things like Live Dangerously, Double Time It, First Aid, Take the Hit, Dish Best First Cold.

You do not gain plot points for 'good roleplaying', as everyone is great at this. Instead, you gain Plot Points for
A) Introducing complications into the story (e.g. "There are guards….") or choosing to lose control over a spirit, spell or piece of technology
B) You can also chose to fail a roll that would have had a significant or critical impact on the story.
C) I might also award Plot Points on an ad hoc basis.

For GM plot points, I'm still figuring out how I'll use them.  Probably for:

a) Buffs to NPC dice rolls
b) Adding Glitch dice to complicate situations
c) Introducing complications into the game a bit like how the XP system  works in Numenera.  Something like, "I'll give you a PP if that door is guarded by your bitter rival…."


Plot Points

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