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In Sydney, shadowrunners don't wait around in crowded, smoky bars, weighting for the Johnson to show up. There's no crowding into a fixer's booth in some back alley, waiting for the deal to go down and counting every last click on your credstick.

Instead there's the Bloodchain.

It keeps everyone honest. It doesn't lie. The truth is hidden in the chain, link by link, for all to see. There's no central authority

It's a distributed blockchain database in the Matrix that records every 'runner's transactions. Which fixer organised the run, which runners got paid. It doesn't tell you what went down, or who. All names are concealed in aliases. But what is measures is successes. It's the shadow history of the shadows. The best runners and their fixers are proven by the record of their transactions. This means that a potential Johnson can look a potential fixer's runners, and measure their success rate. Potential runs can be crewed by the best there is, at the price the market is willing to pay.

Shadowrunners spend months doing crap pro bono work, until they have strong reps recorded in the Bloodchain. Then the market recognises this, and the good contracts start to come in. If someone messes up a run, that too is recorded in the Bloodchain. One mess, maybe. Two or three, and you're on the skids. Time to come with a new alias, or leave the shadows for forever.

So, you've never met your fixer in person. And you might only know of the other runners through their rep on the Bloodchain. All of these arrangements are down through the darkest corners of the Matrix. It's beautiful, this shadow economy of market forces. The best fixers get the best runners, and the Johnsons can get the best runners on the strength of the fixers. Now you just have to get a good rep, in order to get the life you want to live in the shadows.


Shadowrun Anarchy: The Leviathan Shattercrack